Teaching Fly Casting: Progress Report

It has taken a while but I have finally put together what I want to say after researching the teaching of fly casting. If and when I change my mind or want to add something I will amend this page.

What I focus is on in this most recent article is how we should teach – on the pedagogy of teaching in general and teaching movement in particular. There are mountains of discussion and argument about what we should be teaching casters at different stages of their journey. Not much of the what informs the how, particularly at the fundamental level of theory, principle and conceptual frameworks. I hope some readers who are interested in improving their teaching will find some leads in what I’ve written.

Should you want to join a discussion of the how then I would be open to facilitating an email group for that purpose. If you use the contact button you will reach me by email and I will reply and keep you informed of developments. Look forward to hearing from you.