Teaching Fly Casting: Interim Research Report

Have just added the above as a new page. As explained in its introduction section, “I have spent a lot of time trying to get fly casting teachers to talk about their work – not about what they teach but rather how they teach. With some notable exceptions it turned out to be a difficult row to hoe. Accordingly, I decided to redirect my energies to researching teaching/coaching in other sports, particularly those with the numbers, the organisational structures and most importantly the money to push the envelope, to look outside the box of traditional practices and get some serious sports science done.”

My research and discussion of it with friends has turned up enough of value to publish this interim report. I have to decided to publish further reports as and when that seems useful. I have learned a lot already and know I have a much longer journey in front of me.

Going outside the fly casting box to other sports will doubtless raise some eyebrows and prompt some scepticism – to put it mildly. Some teachers of fly casting will probably wonder what I’ve been smoking. To all my readers I say simply this. Please keep an open mind and please remember I’m not trying to trash the good work that many of you have done as teachers over a long time as evidenced by the greatly improved casting skills of your students. Instead of finding fault my intention to introduce new ideas from other places where movement and motor skills are being taught. Even in sports where the numbers are huge compared with fly casting history shows that teachers tend to teach what they learned and how they were taught – a history that resonates strongly with me and hopefully you too.