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Back Cast Tune-Up

At the beginning of April I arrived back from another extended and delightful trip to Tasmania. Unfortunately, I also came back with a bad casting habit I thought I had gotten rid of.  Five weeks fishing in Tassie conditions – wind and an urge to make quick covers – brought back… Read More

Hauling – Tune Up

Background  Confession time. Whether I’m fishing or just practicing my casting I haul more often than not. However, I’ve never before set out to do it by the physics text book as it were. My hauling works fine but in my relentless, some would say… Read More

The Special Delivery Cast

In the fly casting universe huge amounts of the discussion come down to what happens on the delivery cast, especially when travelling in the solar system of distance casting. Competition accuracy casting is by comparison a mere asteroid despite accuracy rather simple distance being the… Read More

Svirgolato – Twist With A Tail

Confession time. I don’t fish small streams very often, much less overgrown ones so way back when I saw my first footage of “Italian style” or Tecnica di Lancio Totale  (TLT) I thought, “Yeah, ok. Ingenious adaption of technique to circumstances but jeezuss that looks… Read More